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Ever since the beginning of March 2020, I wanted to thank the unseen and unheard superheroes who are trying their best to save millions of lives. That's when I decided to produce a song as a tribute to each such superhero and pray for a better tomorrow - a one world where we can live united, together, forever. Thus, the song 'One World' was created.


Musicians from across the globe joined hands with me to perform the instrument recordings for the song at the comfort of their home studios and helped me produce this song, through which we intend to send out our prayers to everyone.


This is the official music video that I and my wife produced at our home studio, and with literally zero budget. Check it out!


Music & Vocals: Phalgunn Maharishi

Lyrics: Shannon Bannister & Phalgunn Maharishi

Guitars: J. Sanders

Bass & Electric Guitar Solo: Al Hughson Drums: David McNair

Mixing: Phalgunn Maharishi

Mastering: Tom Hellsten

Cinematography: Ranjitha Phalgunn

Video Editing: Phalgunn Maharishi


We are fighting
The pandemic is real
We are striving
And starving
The pandemic is real (2)

You don’t know me
You can’t see my face
We’re both depending on
God’s amazing grace

You can’t hear me
But I feel your pain
We’re both back
In this same place again

I slept in one world
And woke-up in another
Life’s never same anymore
Have been living indoors forever

You don’t know me
I’m praying for you
For your isolation
Your loneliness, too

It's a one world...
belongs to me and you...

We’re on our knees
And this is where we should be
We’re on our knees
Asking God to save us again

One world
United. Ignited.
It's a One world
Together. Forever. (2)

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