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Happy World Music Day 2020

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Did you know that World Music Day came into observance in 1981 on June 21st, in France, as a festival of music to honor both amateur and professional musicians. And here we are, in 2020, celebrating the day all over the globe.

I believe being a musician is not just about talent or knowledge, but it is a lifestyle - the most privileged one. It is not just playing some instrument or singing a song. It is all about finding a way for humanity.

Being a musician is an honor in itself. It is the road for collaboration across many cultures and dialects. Music in itself is a universal language which can be understand only when you have a heartful connection towards it.

If you are a musician, be proud of it. A friend had once told me - it is all about the process of creation and not the end result. So, keep doing more music no matter what.

On the other hand, if you are not a musician, then embrace the fact that this world has much more beautiful musicians than you ever imagined and it doesn't end at record labels and billboard charts. There are many musicians who are independent and struggling hard day in and out just to get a handful of streams in a month. Support them and they will not stop surprising you! ❤️

Stay Musical.

Happy World Music Day.

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