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My Recent German Choir Concert Inspires Me to Share the Musical Story of My Life

23 December 2023

These photos were taken during last week's Choir Concert. 🤩 It is a mind-blowing experience to learn a language through its folk songs and grasp the pronunciation of some difficult words along the way! Finally getting to sing them in a concert is truly special. 🤩 This experience inspires me to share the musical story of my life, even if it might lure you into boredom.

Music has always been an integral part of my life. I first developed a longing interest in learning and producing music in my early teens. I embarked on a bit of self-study without knowing how to self-study. After a few years, I realized I needed guidance, so I joined classes under Mr. Venugopal Krishna (VGK) to learn keyboards. However, I wasn't satisfied and wanted to learn more. I also started learning Hindustani Classical Music vocals under Pt. Veerabhadraiah Hiremat in Mysuru. After a couple of years, I discontinued both and began learning guitar under VGK Sir. Unfortunately, I had to discontinue that too due to the focus required on my academics. I wanted to learn Carnatic Violin under Mysore Manjunath Sir, but that never worked out due to a lack of guidance!

Meanwhile, I was also keen on pursuing a Bachelors in Music, but that too didn't work out. Instead, I completed my B.Com and MBA in Media & Entertainment, and life just took over. When I moved to Bengaluru in search of a job, I realized it was time to get back to music seriously. I, then, started learning Hindustani vocals under Pt. Prabir Bhattacharya ji in Bengaluru, continuing for more than 4 years. Last year, I had to lose focus a bit as I became more focused on my journey to Germany. Now, here I am, having learned music for a long time but with a long way yet to go.

In the last year, each day, I went to bed knowing that I couldn't find time to continue learning music. Finally, now, I am thankful that I have this chance to continue learning music, albeit in the form of choir singing. This also has its extra perks of improving German pronunciation!

As a teen, I dreamt of studying for music exams in either Carnatic or Hindustani Classical Music. I started preparing for those exams but never took them. My musical journey has had many pauses and also focused a bit on music production. I did a lot of self-study in that area, and rolled out more than 50 tracks of my own over the last decade. One day, I might still take up Junior, Senior, and Vidwat exams in Indian Classical Music. 😉🤞

Sometimes, we dream of something, but it might change a bit as we go down the path, starting to realize that dream. But I guess, in the end, it's all worth it! 🎶🌟

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