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Releasing a Song titled One World

30 April 2019

July 22, 2020, Bangalore: Independent Music Composer / Producer Phalgunn Maharishi has recently released his brand new music video, One World, inspired by a number of events taking place across the globe lately. Penned by Phalgunn and Shannon Bannister from New Mexico, the song is a salute to everyone fighting the pandemic and a prayer for a better tomorrow. It is built on the concept that we all live in a 'one world' which is possible only by staying united.

Musicians from across the globe joined hands with Phalgunn to perform the instrument recordings for the song at the comfort of their home studios as they quarantined and helped produce this song, through which the team intends to send out prayers to every unseen and unheard heroes fighting the deadly pandemic.

Speaking about the song, Phalgunn said, "Ever since the pandemic hit us all very badly in the early days of this year, I wanted to thank the people who are on the front-line battling against the Novel Coronavirus trying their best to save lives of millions. When we went into one of the most strictest lock-downs in the world, I decided to produce a song as a tribute to each such superhero and pray for a better tomorrow - a one world where we can live peacefully. And what better way than collaborating with musicians from across the globe at the comfort of our homes! Thus, the song One World was created."

While the song is composed, produced, and sung by Phalgunn Maharishi, it features Guitars performed by J. Sanders from USA, Drums by David McNair from USA, Bass and Electric Guitar Solo by Al Hughson from Scotland, Lyrics by Shannon Bannister from New Mexico, and Mastering by Tom Hellsten from Thailand.

On the video front, the official music video features royalty-free videos captured by various creators along with some shots of Phalgunn Maharishi captured at his home studio, thus following all social distancing norms.

The music video of the song premiered on June 27 on Phalgunn Maharishi's YouTube channel and is now all set to broadcast on Songdew TV very soon. The song is currently available for streaming on all leading platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes and Saavn among many others.


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