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The Year 2021

1 January 2022

365 days ago, I started the year with a lot of plans and post it notes for my musical journey with some targets that I had set for myself. A month later, all those plans were almost crushed when I fell ill for almost three months. My vlogs had to stop and royalty free music took a side step, but somehow one thing that kept on going was my Piano and Vocals practice.

Half a year later, as I started bouncing back to good health, I felt I had distanced myself from my music for a long time and so started working on a project called Salaam India. It turned out to be one of the best projects I have worked so far! While I didn't look at vlogging for the entire year, I tried my best to put up some simple YouTube shorts and Insta Reels playing my Keyboards.

All in all, 2021 was a year with both ups and downs, lost some weight and gained it back, followed a strict diet for almost 5 months, practiced Piano every single day for atleast 30 minutes, purchased some new items to my home studio, got my hands on the latest Macbook Pro, collaborated with few good friends for wonderful songs (still work is in progress), wrote a few blogs and published a paper, watched a lot of Netflix series (oh yes, I loved how Money Heist ended) , and started working on some of my dream projects to support fellow indie musicians!

It was a wonderful year where I got to experience life a little bit more than usual. I definitely have to thank a lot of people for being there by my side during this year and my wife Ranju and my cats Sonu and Monu top the list for sure. I am really curious to see how 2022 will shape up! Wishing everyone a very happy and safe new year ❤


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